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Welcome to a world of conscious living!

Each of us is an unabridged storybook. Filled with tales of adventure, experiences, challenges and fortitude.
A narrative of the choices we make through life.

Likewise, every crafted product has a story.
Stories about heritage and artisanal workmanship.
Stories about communities and livelihood.Of sustainability and the environment.

Inkahaani is a happy union of the two.
Endearing Stories and Exceptional Products



Read about what inspired this journey, endearing stories of craft and livelihood. Simple gestures that carry a message and how businesses can help drive change

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An inspired journey

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  • Anish Malattiri

    Inkahaani is truly a gem. On a Friday afternoon, my mother was looking to make some traditional indian snacks and the reference of wanting a traditional cookware quickly made me log into you estore. All your products are categorically marked and well described and the stories behind each product give an emotional touch. Truly your website markets all products that can be easily integrated into our daily lives and also educating us on the importance to switch to eco-friendly products. Coming back to the purchase, we were quick to find the required items and check out process was smooth. was prompt on their delivery and on opening the package, it was lovely to see the handwritten notes from the founder Suzanna on the importance of each item and the material used and thanking us for the purchase. Thank you Suzanna for educating and providing a great store for eco-friendly products. Wishing you all the very best.

  • Ally Ions

    The best part of my shopping experience with Inkahaani was that grabbed my heart and gave it a squeeze when I found out the story behind the items sold here. In addition to the beautifully handmade silver earrings, and dolls i purchased as gifts - the extra bonus of my purchase was the uplifting feeling of knowing I'm contributing to those that need support the most. The online experience was top class and when I received my package and unwrapped everything.... I was so happy to see how all pieces were beautifully made, wrapped and presented with a handwritten thankyou note along with a story of where each product originated from. I was hooked! Each handmade product with its own story attached made every item more than just a product, they came alive with a beautiful energy and a feeling of connection to the person that created each gift. The dolls and the jewellery are now enjoying their new home here in Adelaide, Australia where when worn or taken out receive many compliments.

  • Kiran Menon Kartha

    inkahaani has become my go-to store for products that promote conscious living. Every purchase i've made has been a great quality, carefully curated product that's never failed to impress. The travel utility kit and the personal cutlery sets are great for everyday use and for travel. The upcycled bags accompany me everywhere and are well made, water resistant and each one is unique. The handmade upcycled shoes and kolhapuri sandals are both beautiful and comfortable. The wooden toys and silver jewellery made for the perfect gifts. The packaging and delivery have always been on point, personalized and timely. I can't wait to try out more of the products, If you need some true retail therapy for yourself and for the planet, this is where you'll get it. Happy Shopping!

  • Alicia Jake

    Inkahaani changed my concept of sustainable living. Every little thing from their website is unique, safe and can be either recycled or upcycled. Their array of daily use handmade irems are an integral part of my family now. Thank You folks. Keep up the fabulous work.

  • Jeffrey Roberts

    Ordered daily use items to replace some plastic in my life – a bamboo razor and toothbrush and some cups. You tend to think that sustainable is just an excuse for 4 times the price, but the products on inkahaani are surprisingly affordable. Also stocked up on some compostable garbage bags. Keep up the good work!

  • Chris Preston

    Good range of interesting products. I bought the colorful sunglasses case made of reclaimed plastic bags and candy wrappers, a wallet made of cork (I could have sworn it was leather) and a laptop bag. Loving them, and loving showing them off.

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