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Easy effortless composting at home

Easy effortless composting at home

On my 'go-natural' list of things to do, composting was the one i was most reluctant to start. I thought it would be tiresome and stinky. Once i started composting though, there was no looking back. It is surprisingly easy and i still have a glow of pride on my face because of how small my garbage bags have now become. 

What really is composting? It is the process of turning your food and biodegradable waste into nutrients for the soil instead of disposing them into landfills (where they release methane, a potent greenhouse gas). It was only recently that i dived into this subject, i was under the misconception that food waste/ bio degradable waste decomposes irrespective of how it is trashed. 

Listen to my conversation with Sudha Velugulu who introduced me to composting, Sudha talks about her journey and breaks down some of the misconceptions that are commonly associated with composting. 


Composting can be easily done in an apartment or a stand alone house, it can be done by anyone who intends to reduce waste. 

Want to give it a go? You can buy your compost bin here

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