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Create memories through scrabbegories

Create memories through scrabbegories


All of us are spending a lot more time at home these days. I have to confess that I did find being homebound difficult initially, but am quite enjoying it now. It led to deep conversations , I caught up on reading, music, cooking and spent a lot of time on introspection. I think I found a balance between doing things together as a family while also finding ‘me-time’ to rekindle forgotten hobbies and interests.

We have learnt to look into ourselves and at each other for moments of happiness – which according to me is a pretty good thing!

Game nights top our list of favourite things to do together – our board games have emerged from storage and are now kept accessible. We break into Rock-Paper-Scissor mode any time of the day to please our little human, we have taught her to play Uno and Jenga with us, and have found ways to keep her occupied (and involved) in our Scrabble games.

While looking at variations for our game nights, we came across ‘Scattegories’ – a game we took an immediate liking to. Now we have our version of it – we call it  ‘Scrabbegories’, our homegrown combination of Scrabble and Scattegories.  And how we love our version!

Here is the “how to” for a game that tests your knowledge, tickles your creativity, sharpens your strategy and where speed is key!

  • Each game of Scrabbegories has 5 rounds
  • Before the start of the game, print out the sheets in the link (inkahaani scrabbegories). Each sheet has a category and 26 possible inputs (one with each letter of the alphabet)
  • Each player should get a folder/ set of all 5 sheets in the order in which you want it played.Make sure that all players have a) the same lists, and that b) the lists are in the same order.
  • Start Round 1 (First Category). Each player is given a minute for each category. 
  • Players write as many words/ phrases as possible next to each letter, starting with the mentioned letter as possible within the minute. Note: The answer has to be unique (not repeated by any other player) to score, so think beyond the obvious. 
  • Once the minute is up (use a timer), Players take turns reading their lists. Cross out any answers that matched another player’s. Players score the points (as mentioned in the letter) for each unique answer. Be smart with your time, an answer starting with Z scores 9 times as much as an A.
  • Creative answers are allowed, but any player has the option of challenging an answer. If an answer is challenged, all players, including the player whose answer is being challenged, vote on the acceptability. Majority rules. In the event of a tie, the vote of the challenged player does not count.
  • Start with second sheet and keep repeating till you finish all sheets
  • The player with the highest score wins the game. In the event of a tie, the tied players play a tie-breaker round with a fresh category.

If you want to keep playing, create your own categories – get creative, make it exclusive – one category could be embarrassing family memories!

We are sure you will love our version. A game night with family or friends over zoom - this is going to be fun!

Get your healthy snack, switch on your fav playlist and get rolling with Scrabbegories!

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