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The start of my minimalism journey

The start of my minimalism journey

I love organizing and having everything in place, I got to a point when this started becoming tiresome. I was running out of space every couple of months and going through endless cycles of tidying up. That's when i chanced upon Nagisa Tatsumi's "the art of discarding" - the book that started the declutter revolution, and inspired the phrase "does it spark joy?".

It is a great read - it starts with the psychological snags that make people reluctant to discard, and goes onto to offer practical advice and techniques to help them let go.

I had never considered myself a hoarder, and was quite surprised when a quick  check resulted in a large 'throwaway' pile. I realized that it included stuff I had never used -  impulse buys, "I might need this some day", "great deal" and "I get shipping free if I add this to my purchase" picks. These were taking up shelf space, time, effort and concealing the stuff I actually needed. 

I did a rough calculation of what the pile was worth - i could have taken a vacation with the money, a fact that annoyed me considerably. 

The book goes on to talk about how "its time to live with less". It made me realize that my issue was not with organizing what I had, but accumulating more than I needed. 

It inspired me to consciously evaluate all my acquisitions - I started with asking myself whether I really needed it in my life, many times the answer was that I didn't. I ceased strolling mindlessly in malls, coming back with bags full of stuff I hadn't considered buying until that very moment. I decided to avoid short term fads, buy just what I needed, when I needed it, choose things I loved and treasure whatever i chose.

I buy less now, but even less is more. 

This was start of my minimalism journey -  the realization that it was not about having less, it was about making room for what matters. 

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