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The making of inkahaani

The making of inkahaani

As a new mother I faced several doubts and insecurities. Many things that I didn’t pay attention to as a single, working professional and later, a wife. Things that were apparent and in front of my eyes but that which I was almost blind towards. For instance, the shifts in weather patterns, deforestation leaving wide open gaps across lands, urban infrastructure sprouting like mushrooms everywhere, high levels of polluted air we breathe day in and out, the endless choices in clothing and textiles of all forms, the dangers of extinction and depletion of natural resources and habitats, and so on. They are all really happening and I was part of the ecosystem that thrived above this boiling volcano.

As days passed by and as I watched my little girl grow amidst the toxicity that I was raising her in, I realized the stark reality of what we were a part of - builders of a dark future that I will probably not live to see but my daughter would be forced to live in because her caretakers didn’t pay sufficient attention to improvise. A future that looked bleak and dangerous. One that would probably have just fractions of the environment that her parents and their parents before them witnessed.

Our world is evolving at a rapid rate, but it is also degenerating at an equal pace. Climate change is real. Extinction of several species is real. Depletion of natural resources is real. A dying earth is real. But, luckily, what is also real is the drive and passion by stakeholders in pushing home the urgency in adapting a sustainable present and future for our children, for posterity.

Ecofriendly, organic, sustainability, environment friendly - seem like trendsetting terms. Buzzwords, as jurnos like to refer to them. However, these words are far from hype. While there may be brands that use these keywords as part of their marketing gimmick to attract attention to their brands, this threat is real as well. Threat of irrevocable damage that mass production and consumption is doing to our environment. Until a few years ago, there were just a handful of people who moved a finger towards avoiding the impending doom to mankind. Today, many more are waking up and smelling the burnt beans.

 InKahaani was born with the goal to be a part of this revolution and help push home the message that we need to do more - a lot more to protect the interest of the citizens of this planet and her landscapes. I am joining hands with individuals who are making an effort to adopt new lifestyles for the larger well being. Handmade dolls, reused soles, plastic-free beauty and body care products, wooden toys, hand-dyed fabrics, bamboo crockery, upcycled fashion accessories and so many more alternatives are now available for us to use and replace with our usual picks that are a part of our current lifestyle. These products not only have a longer shelf life, they are also made using processes that are friendly to the environment we live in.

 In these pages, you will find ordinary as well as many extraordinary stories of people and brands who want to make a difference, who want to build a secure future. I hope that you join this journey in choosing the right products for the larger good. I hope these stories warm your hearts, as it has mine, and inspire you to choose a life of wellness and eco-responsibility - a good life for you, your family and your future.


Welcome to InKahaani, and happy shopping!

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