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We can all do our bit...

We can all do our bit...

Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN resonated with the support of the millions who had marched for the planet a few days earlier. Her 5 minute address, delivered in tones of barely suppressed rage, inspired dialogue across the globe.

When 15, Greta missed school to demonstrate outside the Swedish parliament – actions that inspired the “Fridays for Future” student strikes around the world. She gave up meat and air travel, her two week long journey to the UN Assembly was on a carbon neutral, solar and wind powered racing yacht lacking in creature comforts.

Her blunt manner, radical suggestions and the nightmarish future scenarios she paints have gained her numerous detractors. Even world leaders who seem to be on the right side of the climate change battle, consider some of her beliefs extreme.

Not everyone can be Greta. But everyone can do their bit.

Fighting for the environment is not the sole preserve of radical activists, vegan advocates and the Greenpeace movement. Every one of us can be a foot soldier in this battle, an ‘eco-warrior’. Every small step towards sustainability is a strike in the war for the planet.

Let me list 10 simple things we all can do to help save the planet; none of them require us to drastically alter our current lifestyles.

  • Avoid unnecessary waste. Products, packaging, disposables.
  • Reuse and recycle –identify your closest recycling center. Think before you throw - consider donating/ selling at a flea market.
  • Conserve energy. Switch off unused lights/ household appliances/ electronic equipment.
  • Conserve water. Fix household leaks, use lesser water.
  • Avoid plastic – not just single use plastics, but any disposables (think razors, ear buds, toothbrushes)
  • Don’t add chemicals to the environment
  • Make sustainable food choices – try being vegetarian for a day a week
  • Watch what you buy. Try ‘pre-cycling’ (buying only products that can be recycled)
  • Make earth friendly transport choices – walk when you can
  • Donate to and volunteer for environment related causes

Think of it, the impact is not just on the environment, these steps will lower your expenses, improve your health, and ultimately make the world just a little safer for your children.


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