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Products: Reusable grocery bags

Mission : Eco-friendly products, ethically made. – ‘Saving our Planet, One Bag at a Time’

Story:  Ecoright was founded in April 2017 by a team of 2 – Udit Sood and Nikita Barmecha along with Sanjiv Sood, the Chief Mentor. The founders have a clear Mission that says it all “ Our mission is to create earth-friendly products of the highest quality, in an ethical and sustainable way. In today’s day and age, all the biggest threats facing our environment are man made – global warming, deforestation, plastic pollution, loss of biodiversity.. The list is endless. We want to be the solution. This is our first step.

We strive to create eco-friendly, reusable, durable bags that

  • Highlight an environmental issue – through our original designs
  • Solve a need for our customers – that also reduces their dependence on plastic
  • Are affordable – It’s not going to work if it’s too expensive.
  • Are fun – it’s not going to work if you don’t love the product.

We are a young startup trying to save the world and are passionate about finding a solution to some of the problems our world faces – starting with finding ways to reduce our plastic footprint on our planet.

EcoRight is a young team of 8 people, and we have partnered with one of the best manufacturing facilities in India to create eco-friendly products for the world.

what we do

We do awesome stuff. No really, we do. Okay fine, this is what we actually do (though it is quite awesome) At EcoRight, we create products that help people go eco-friendly in a fun way.
We do so in the highest quality and in ethically audited manufacturing facilities. Our partner in this quest to save the world has been making cotton products for over 15 years for some of the largest brands worldwide. All our manufacturing facilities are ethically, socially, legally and environmentally audited as per the SEDEX 4 pillar standards.

why we are different?

  • We create products that are affordable, natural, reusable and appealing – to enable people to go eco-friendly.
  • All EcoRight products are made from fabrics that are durable, kind to the environment and in ethically-audited manufacturing facilities
  • We develop innovative fabrics – recycled cotton and Juton (jute+cotton) to make the products better for the environment
  • The bags are made of the highest quality and even the smallest ones can hold up to 10 Kg of weight
  • Our bags are designed to be quirky yet thought-provoking, with each design rooted in an existing environmental issue – that makes the customer cognizant of the harm plastic does to the environment
  • As of March 2018, all EcoRight bags are packaged in biodegradable packaging material.


The team 

 Nikita Barmecha
 Udit Sood                                                   Nikita Barmecha

The Mesh bags are great for both storage and grocery shopping, these mesh produce bags are available in three different sizes to fulfil all your produce storage and shopping needs. Along with being eco-friendly and biodegradable, these mesh bags provides easy air circulation, are amazingly flexible and allows for easy identification of things inside. The pull string prevents produce from falling out of the bag. These mesh produce bags are washable, lightweight, eco-friendly and made of natural cotton. Fold it and carry it to produce shopping or simply use it for storing vegetables and fruits. Made in a breathable, perforated and stretchable design this mesh produce bag comes with a pull-string closure so the contents don’t fall out.


This mesh produce bag has amazing uses- along with being an excellent alternative to throwaway plastic bags, it can be used for grocery shopping and produce storage. The mesh allows for easy identification of things and works best for thick skinned vegetables like onions, potatoes, etc. The perforated composition of this bag allows for easy escape of ethylene gas to keep the produce fresh for a longer time.

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