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We live in an era when clothing and shoe manufacturers are working on fast-forward, mass-producing large quantities of products so they can earn a quick profit. Unfortunately, these products, even if they may be cheap and affordable, are of low quality and use materials that harm the environment once they are out of use.

At Korakari, we chose to do things differently. We still focus on making traditional as they were made for centuries in a row in India. We are a small which passed on the knowledge of making these leather sandals from generation to generation, continuing, even in to handcraft durable and beautiful

These leather sandals got their name from the region where they are made, and that is the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, India. Every pair of leather sandals we make is entirely handmade, by using traditional tools and high-quality leather. Thus, you can be sure that whatever pair of you choose to wear, a lot of hours of labor and attention to details were invested in your pair of sandals, so you can feel great while using them and be proud of your handmade shoes.

Our sandals are made from scratch, as our craftsmen take the leather and cut it, process it, finish it, and decorate it by hands, one step at a time, making sure that everything comes out perfect. This is why each pair is unique and special, with its own character, just like the person that will choose to wear it. At the moment, we have a wide array of models and colors, each of them made out of made from pure vegetable tanned leather, making sure that each of our clients will manage to find the ideal pair. Also, together with our designers, we strive to come up with new models all the time, the only thing that remains unchanged in the manufacturing process of the sandals.

Passed on from father to son, the tradition of making is still very much alive in India, Korakari becoming one of the most famous brands when it comes to handmade sandals, not just in India but also throughout the world. While we could develop into a modern business, we prefer keeping things this way, making these sandals so that the people that know how to craft these sandals will be able to earn a decent wage even if times change. We respect manual labor and their patience, and we respect the environment as well, choosing to use only leather and natural dyes for our shoes, which will make them eco-friendly.

If you want to feel a small part of India, its tradition, then you need to experience life with a pair of . They are light and comfortable, allowing your skin to breathe; sturdy enough to enable you to use them on a daily basis; and reliable for years to come. So, choose sandals that have a story behind, which were made by the hands of people and not by machines. With every pair of sold, the tradition of making authentic Indian sandals continues, as we are able, through our business, to encourage craftsmanship and make this job a noble one.

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