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Product - Floor cleaners

Brand story
Being an architect and interior designer, Sumithra SV who hailed from
Bengaluru, India was troubled by how much waste the construction industry
and the toxic chemicals the spaces slapped on layer by layer from
and paints to finishes and furniture. She embarked on a discovery journey
sustainability and discovered that all of us are surrounded
daily lives from the milk we drink to the cleaners we use in our homes. She
to alter her lifestyle replacing the toxic chemicals and plastics in her life
alternatives, cutting down on foods, shifting to locally grown
and chemical free, often homemade personal care products. She
yours organically to bring awareness, educate people and to provide
with a solution for all their home and body cleaning needs.

Your Impact
Free yourself from toxic chemical cleaners by switching to products that are safe
you and respect the earth's precious, finite resources. These products use
sourced, natural ingredients and are made using traditional practices and
which part of India's cultural assets. By making the switch, you
to protect your body and health from chemicals. You take the first step
a sustainable lifestyle by saving water and keeping it safe for use by
Why we like it
This multipurpose cleaner is a solution for all your cleaning! It fills
with a zingy, citrusy . It is soft on the skin, yet effectively removes
, grease and oil. We also love that Yours Organically follows a cradle to
approach and packages in plastic or glass bottles that can be
Seller Information
  in a simple yet powerful solution to sustainability.
We are also involved in empowering and educating our customers to make their
cleaners and sustain their needs.

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