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Passionfruit Pottery

Products: Egg Tray, Butter bells, Coffee mugs

Passion Fruit Pottery is a pet project of a homemaker, Dhanya Frederick, who turned her lifelong passion (hence the title Passion Fruit Pottery for creativity into her biggest entrepreneurial challenge.
Passion Fruit Pottery is all about creating handcrafted tableware that will add layers of character to your kitchen and home.
                 Inspired from the English countryside extruding cottage - chic charm our pottery is made using traditional techniques. We pride ourselves for the variety in our designs ranging from creamers to cutlery holders
 Our plates, bowls, mugs and tea cups strike that balance between beauty and utility. The range of glazes we work complement   and our products are made from 100 percent food grade glazes They are dishwasher,  oven and microwave safe.

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