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Statement By Nisha

Statement by Nisha is a brand of designer jewellery specializing
and statement pieces. The brand targets the woman of today, who is
confident, courageous and believes in herself !
The designs are contemporary and a combination of east- meets-west
with inspiration drawn from Arabic, Ottoman and Indian cultures. All
materials are ethically sourced, sustainable and handmade by either
artisans around the world or myself. Our motto is to create unique
designs that cater to and empower the woman who makes a statement
in every walk of life.
Each culture brings its own intricate designs, motifs and patterns that
help create a distinct identity. Every piece is hand-crafted with attention
to detail and raw materials are sourced from local artisans and small
businesses in order to encourage and support home-grown enterprise in
these regions. Utmost care is taken to ensure that material used to
create your very own statement piece is of the highest quality.
How Nisha started her journey, in her own words.
"An Ex-Banker with work experience of over 15 years in the corporate
world within Project Management and Sales, I decided that it was time to
be my own boss and start something that I am passionate about. I had
numerous options in front of me but jewellery designing was my calling. I
was always interested in fashion, jewellery and home decor and loved
collecting unique pieces from all over.
All through my travels across Eastern Europe, the Middle East & India,
the one thing that stood out to me was the beauty in the jewellery of
these regions. The inspiration of each of my unique pieces is derived
from the deep cultural heritage, local artisans and semi-precious stones
from these regions.
I had started playing with beads as a means to de-stress from my
corporate role and realized how much I loved them. I then moved to
repairing and redesigning my own jewellery collection and started with
small orders from friends and family, which I would do as a hobby.
I formally launched the brand “Statement by Nisha” 4 years ago when I
moved to Dubai and have been at it full time for the last 1 year. "

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