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We at Superbottoms have designed cloth diapers after a lot of experimentation with various designs and cloths. Each fabric chosen and each feature incorporated has a lot of thought behind, which we believe can go a long way in making you and your baby’s experience with cloth diapering a pleasure.
 , at Superbottoms, are a team of mothers genuinely passionate about the idea of cloth diapering and wish to #MakeClothMainstream
Why Superbottoms?
Advanced Cloth diapers are not just great for baby’s skin but are also extremely and economical on .
They also look completely adorable on baby bums and are completely washable and reusable.
“I was blessed with a baby boy in late 2013, and like any new parent, I was relying a lot on disposable diapers. In one day, I was using 5-6 diapers and simply throwing in the trash bin. The worrisome part was – diapers are made from plastic, a non-biodegradable item and it takes 100 of years to decompose. So, by the time my son is fully grown up, the waste he has generated can still be found on the planet. And, with this thought, I began my ‘Superbottoms’ journey,” says Mumbai-based entrepreneur Pallavi Utagi, who launched a brand of eco-friendly, reusable cloth diapers – SuperBottoms in 2015 with a promise of keeping the baby healthy and the environment .
Till date, Pallavi has successfully sold 50,000 diapers that can be reused for 3 years and can easily be washed at home. With this alternative, the waste warrior has saved approximately 5 diapers from going into India’s landfills.
her journey with NDTV, Pallavi, who is an MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies and has a background in the pharma industry, adds,
Bright, and eco-friendly cloth diapers
“To decrease my carbon footprint, initially I thought of using eco-friendly alternatives like a cloth nappy. Soon, I there are zero options available in India. I figured of the international brands that were selling greener alternatives, but, one it was very expensive, secondly, the nappies were not completely suited for Indian babies. That’s when I the scope of doing something in this line.”
gave one year for her product research and finally came up with her own label of cloth diapers – Superbottoms in December 2015.
For most , with little budget to spare, marketing is often inadvertently done by parents who have tried and liked their products. “While we invest in quality products, the advertising is done by mothers, whether by word-of-mouth or through social media,” says Pallavi Utagi, a Mumbai-based pharmaceutical professional, who started the popular cloth diapering brand, Super Bottoms in 2013. She began learning about fabrics and types, and trying out different combinations on her son, after she found the cloth diapers she had imported from the US didn’t fit her properly. She then got a few designer friends to help with the quirky prints that her brand is now known for, and identified a unit in China to hand-make the diapers. “Parents are often wary of trying cloth diapers because they are afraid of leakage and washing, but once you learn how to use it, you can’t go wrong,” says Utagi, who places a lot of importance on customer service. She has also built a network of mothers (and loyal customers) who help introduce new parents to cloth diapering. Details:

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