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Plastic and Chemical-free toys for your precious ones.

Shopping for sustainable toys? Then we have the best wooden toys in UAE at Inkahaani. We know you would like to buy the best toys for your kids because toys are the best building blocks of your child’s growth. And they are much, much better than the generic toys that you find in the market.  Parents these days do not prefer plastic toys because they contain a lot of toxins. Going environment-friendly with your toys is the first step to teaching your kids about protecting and respecting the environment. 

We have a variety of toys for your children, including the most thoughtfully designed educational wooden toys in UAE. They are affordable, durable and sustainable. They retain their shape and value even after years of usage, and can even be handed down to siblings for their playtime. 

We have the best eco-friendly cloth dolls in UAE, your kids would just love to have them for toys. Let the imagination of your little gems run wild, let them have a puppet show of their own. Our handmade cloth dolls in UAE are just waiting to be the playmates of your babies. Not to speak of our wooden delights!

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