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Suzanna Varghese

"It is when I became a parent that I started being conscious of all the things I had closed my eyes to earlier – the toxicity in the air, how plastic had become an integral part of our lives, the amount of chemicals we unwittingly consumed and the ‘use and throw’ mentality we had gotten used to.

When I look back at how I lived as a child and compare it to the environment I am raising my child in now, I see stark differences. I am happy about many of them, the aspect that scares me however is that of ‘the dying earth’. Our destructive consumption patterns and lack of focus on protecting the world around, leaves our children with severely depleted natural resources. There is no Planet B, we have no guarantee that our future generations will have the luxury of clean water and air like we do.

Eco friendliness, sustainability and conscious living are more than just buzz words, they are the pressing need of the hour.

Inkahaani is my contribution to driving eco-consciousness and sustainable consumption. We handpick products that are good for you, for the wider community and for the environment. They are handmade, biodegradable, have longer shelf lives, and are made using processes that are friendly to the environment we live in.

In these pages, you will find extraordinary stories – of entrepreneurs, artisans and workers, creators and innovators, all striving to make a difference. I hope that these stories will warm your heart, as it has mine, and inspire you to choose a life of wellness and eco-responsibility - a sustainable future for you and your family.

Happy shopping at inkahaani.

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