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Cast Iron Paniyarkkal 7 Pits Spl

Cast Iron Paniyarkkal 7 Pits Spl

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Traditional, durable seasoned cast iron cookware ,Handmade using traditional processes that do not include any PFCs or other harmful chemicals.Well seasoned cast iron cookware retain heat well, and can last a lifetime. 'Paniyarakkal' is a special utensil used to 7 dumplings at one go, even soft batter retains its shape due to the 'pit' structure.

Help to increase haemoglobin count and thereby reduces incidence of anaemia
Iron metals last for several generations
Food cooks evenly due to high heat emissivity
Use instructions
Wash well before first use
This pure iron tawa is pre-seasoned with oil. Even then, it is worthwhile to heat the tawa till it is hot, apply oil on the surface, rub a piece of onion all over and then allow it to cool. Repeat for a couple of days before first use.
Do not soak in water for long before wash.
If the cookware is not used for long, we recommend that you apply a coating of cooking oil and store it to prevent surface rusting.

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