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The delicate work of chikankari borrows its elegance from the city of grace – Lucknow, India.  These muted minimalist pieces in pastel colors with delicate embroidery that comprises many stitching patterns,  bring much grace into your wardrobe. 

Sari, an unstitched fabric of 5 yards or more in length, is a classic for sustainable fashion - easy to wear and can be worn by anyone,  drapes all body types in elegance,  can be creatively worn in more than a 100 ways and seen as egalitarian garment. Saris are often passed down from one generation to the next, they often evoke a feeling of nostalgia and memory. 

Ila, this lemon yellow georgette saree, is simple and elegant.

How to care for you sari:

- Hand wash with mild soap

- Light iron

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