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The delicate work of chikankari borrows its elegance from the city of grace – Lucknow, India.  These muted minimalist pieces in pastel colors with delicate embroidery that comprises many stitching patterns,  bring much grace into your wardrobe. 

Kasavu saree is crafted mainly by the Devanga Chettiar community which belongs to Mysore. The artisans of this community had shifted their looms to Kuthampully years ago, for weaving for the Raja of the Kochi Palace. Each piece is a work of master craftsmanship and finished to perfection – so that you look gorgeous!

Divyam brings together the kasavu saree of Kerala and the delicate work of chikankari - it is a true beauty!

Sari, an unstitched fabric of 5 yards or more in length, is a classic for sustainable fashion - easy to wear and can be worn by anyone,  drapes all body types in elegance,  can be creatively worn in more than a 100 ways and seen as egalitarian garment. 

Saris are often passed down from one generation to the next, they often evoke a feeling of nostalgia and memory. 

How to care for you sari:

- Hand wash with mild soap

- Light iron

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