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Sequencing Puzzle - Train

Sequencing Puzzle - Train

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Children love it when their actions give them a greater and more satisfying outcome. They think more logically with a visual cue, thus understanding the number sequence in a fun way through this toy. By arranging the pieces in the correct sequence, children are thrilled when they succeed in forming the complete train image. Placing the pieces in a specific order to form the complete train image acquaints them with the number sequence and progression from 1 to 10. With this toy, children learn to break down a visual image into 10 different parts and then reassemble the pieces. This stimulates their ability to apply logic to assemble physical objects to get a complete meaningful image. Holding the pieces and arranging them improves children's fine motor skills as well.

Age: 3+
Set includes 10 printed wooden pieces, a wooden base for assembling the pieces, a detailed instruction manual all packed in an elegant Doodle box.
Size of puzzle: 30 cm x 16 cm x 0.7 cm

Made from plant

Eco conscious


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