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SIDR Powder - Cleaning Agent

SIDR Powder - Cleaning Agent

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In a land that was a desert inhabited by few nomads, there wasn’t a lot of
resource in the immediate environment. The weather was not only harsh for
human inhabitation but also for the plant kingdom. Sidr is a very resourceful tree
that managed to survive the desert. The flowers helped in pollination and hence
there was honey; the trunk was used as a building material and as a fuel; the
thorny branches as fences; the fruit as food and the leaves crushed and boiled
as a face wash and shampoo.
Native, natural, locally sourced, safe! That's the promise a chemical free cleanser
makes to you. Free of the harsh synthetic ingredients in commercial cleaner, the
sidr powder can be used for a variety of cleaning purposes from face wash and
body scrub to dishwash and handwash. It is tough on grease and oil but gentle
and safe on your skin. Because it is free of chemicals and preservatives, it can
be safely used around babies and pets. Use it today as an effective and
ecofriendly substitute for harsh chemicals and other conventional solutions you
have at home.
Product specifications:
Product description: Sidr powder
Package contains: Pack of 200 gms sidr powder
Ingredients: Sidr powder
Package Dimensions (cm): 10 x 7 x 14
Package Weight: 200gms
Available in natural, and rose scents

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