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UNO - Mischief

UNO - Mischief

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Cloth diapers are an excellent choice for the new age conscientious parents. With their chemical-free nature and eco-friendly qualities, these reusable nappies are certainly becoming a preferred choice for most parents. Not to mention the fact that they look super cool on baby bums! Know what touches your precious little one. Contents- Waterproof Diaper shell + 2 Inserts (Main soaker with dry feel layer and one organic cotton booster)
Sustainable, rash -free diapering option for your baby- Reusable, Washable, Waterproof, Stay dry, Trimmest cloth diapers in the cutest prints!
Works as an All in One (AIO) Diaper, a Pocket diaper and a swim diaper as well.
Choose the BEST for your baby!


1. Dry-feel layer:

Our magical dry feel layer is what makes cloth diapering such a breeze, leaving baby feeling fresh as a daisy all the time! This top layer is made of micro fleece which gives the baby comfort by drawing the wetness deep inside and away from baby’s skin.

2. Absorbent Pad/Soaker Insert:

At the heart of the diaper is nothing but the loving goodness of Certified Organic Cotton soaker pads which does all the absorbing. Multiple layers of organic cotton provides very high absorbency that lasts upto whole night!

3. Waterproof outer shell

The waterproof yet breathable shell made of  TPU/PUL keeps the outside of the diaper mess-free, and you stress-free…all the time.

Weight- 5kg - 17k babies,
Age- 3 months – 3 years
Ideal use – Day time (use one soaker)
or Night time (use both soakers)

Ethically sourced

Good for earth

Curated with care


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